Our customers are 100% satisfied
with the sanitize of their carts

Discover the installations at our partners who have chosen to trust us. An innovative solution using UV-C lamps.
A technology that has already proven itself in the medical, water purification and many other fields.
UV-C rays act as a "super sanitize".
They allow a decontamination with a rate higher than 99% depending on the exposure time!

Leclerc Bourg les Valences

Mise en place de 2 UV Safety Box au centre Leclerc Bourg les valences.

The UV Safety Box is a 15 secondes based onUV-C to sanitize the carts of bacteria and viruses at over 99%.

Leclerc Plérin

Mise en place d’une UV Safety Box au centre Leclerc Plérin.

A cycle of sanitize and efficient in order to prevent viruses and bacteria present on the carts.

Leclerc Lyon 9

Mise en place d’une UV Safety Box au centre Leclerc  Lyon 9ème Arrondissement

Décontamination totalement automatisée du chariot, une borne de distribution de gel hydroalcoolique à proximité pour vous désinfecter les mains durant le cycle de l’UV Safety Box

Ils parlents de nous :

Our objectives

With our UV Safety Box solution, we want to reduce surface contact contamination.
We make every effort to ensure the decontamination of your carts. 
The search for innovative solutions through the use of UV-C lamps is our business.

Sanitization of your carts is..:

  • Protecting you
  • Preserving your health
  • Reducing the risk of spreading viruses
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