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The UV Safety Box is designed for a simple and effective sanitization by means of lamps UV-C to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria within your establishment.
This was developed to sanitize carts. of all sizes in a single action.
It has been designed to allow the user, your customer, to sanitize the cart on his or her own.
The efficiency of destruction of germs, bacteria and viruses present on surfaces sanitized by UV-C lamps (radiation of 254 nm) is greater than 99% depending on the exposure time.
The UV Safety Box helps to create a comfortable environment for your staff and customers, generates no waste and is not harmful to theenvironment.


UV-C does not require any transport, storage or handling of chemical, toxic or corrosive products and therefore presents a safety advantage for industrial operators and the surrounding community.


Once the doors are closed, wait 15 seconds.
You can take this opportunity to disinfect your hands!


The UV Safety Box's effectiveness in destroying germs, bacteria and viruses on surfaces sanitized with UV-C lamps (254 nm radiation) is over 99%.


It contributes to creating a comfortable environment for your staff and your customers, generates no waste and is not harmful to the environment.

Dimensions : 1382(H) x 1812(L) x 1123mm(P)

  1. Control pedal 
  2. Automatic closing and opening doors
  3. Emergency stop button
  4. Key reset
  5. Green indicator light
  6. Red indicator light

8. General disconnector
9. Electrical panel