Sanitize your cart
Sanitize your cart by more than 99% with UV-C technology
Sanitize all types of cart
Our solution can handle all types of cart.

UV Diffusion Sanitize your carts

To protect the health of your employees and customers, UV Diffusion has developed the UV Safety Box.

A fully automated solution that allows you to sterilize your carts efficiently and quickly using UV-C lamps. It is designed so that each person can use it independently.

Our solution allows you to protect and reassure your customers as well as your employees. 

A 15-second cycle sanitize the carts at more than 99%.

UV Diffusion our product

Place the cart

Insert the empty cart into the UV Safety Box. Press the pedal to start the sanitizing cycle. The indicator light turns red.

Wait 15 seconds

Once the doors are closed, wait 15 seconds. Take this opportunity to disinfect your hands with the hydroalcoholic gel provided.

Retrieve the cart

As soon as the light turns green, the doors open. You can now retrieve your cart.



The UV treatment is the easy and safe solution to overcome the proliferation of bacteria, viruses...


Save money on the disinfection of your commercial carts.

Fast & Efficient

A 15-second passage under UV-C lamps and your cart is clean!

Choosing UV Diffusion is :


Protect your customers and employees by eliminating more than 99% of the bacteria and viruses present on your carts.


Reassure your clients with this sanitization system already used to treat hospital rooms or to purify water.


A UV lamp with low energy consumption.
No consumption of water or cleaning products...

Fast & Efficient

Fast and efficient, in 15 seconds the cart is sanitized and ready to use.

Easy to use

Easy and safe, the UV Safety Box can be used independently by your customers.


No need to sanitize the cart by hand anymore !

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